Charleston Bay

Erik den Tuinder

Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter

Charleston Bay

My name is Frankie Callum

I'm thirty-three

I had my discharge from San Quinten

So now I'm free

I drifted through the badlands

Of Charleston bay

Where I decided to stay

Because love got in the way


I met my Louise

On a rainy afternoon

Down at Charlie's joint

She stood there across the room

Our eyes did meet

And she looked back again

I knew right there and than

I was gonna be her man


We got married

In the early days of May

And I found a job at the harbor

Of Charleston bay

We bought a house

Down by the hillside

Where we spent our days and nights

Trying to get on with our lives


One night I came home

To my wife

She sat down at the kitchen table

And cried

Frankie the money you make

It's not enough

I know these times are tough

But our debts are piling up


She said she had a friend

From way back when

Maybe he'd hel p us out

To dream again

He came by one night

And said to Louise

If it's money that you need

You need to do indecent deeds


At night I drive her out

To see her man

In the morning I pick her up

At 4 AM

Frankie this hurts inside

And feels so wrong

My darling you must go on

But she was barely holding on


Weeks had gone by

And the talks the y became less

It was plain to see my Louise

She was a mess

One night I came home

And I switched on Channel 5

Some girl took her own life

She slit her wrists

With a knife


I drifted through the badlands

Once again

And kept as far away

From Charleston as I can

And kept as far away from the things

That remind me

Of the pain that made me see

That I will never be released


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