Forever Gone

Erik den Tuinder

Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter

Forever Gone

I wake up cold in someone’s bed

Besides a girl I don’t know

I paid her fifty bucks she said

To make me feel like back home


I watch her as she gets undressed

And find no sin in her eyes

But when her hand will touch my chest

I’ll realize

It’s forever gone


I drive across the county line

And park beside the highway

I lay myself among the pines

And feel the guilt fading away


The sun descends beyond the hills

An evening sky comes tumbling

I take my comfort in the pills

To keep the truth from dawning

Forever Gone, Forever Gone

Forever Gone, Forever Gone


I often fantasized

That what I hold inside

Will be freed and cast aside


But when I try to end

This life of condescend

It’s the ache I can’t withstand

Forever Gone


Fifteen years on down this road

And there’s no place I call home

No site where I can rest my head

So I wander on

‘Till I’m forever gone

Forever Gone, Forever Gone

Forever Gone, Forever Gone



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