Further on up the Road

Erik den Tuinder

Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter

Further on up the Road

Further on up the road

Out where the air is thin and cold

Something is there and it's waiting for me

It's where I need tot be


I've done some stuff I'm not proud of

And lost some things I'd rather not

I've faced the consequence of choices that I made

But no longer can I bare them every day


To whom it may concern

I must come to terms

With what awaits me there

Out where the trees ar all stripped bare

Is where I'm going to forswear


And maybe I will find

There some peace of mind

And finally shed this skin

That I'm tired of living in

From which I can't remove my sins


And in the dying of the day

I feel I slowly start to fade

I sense the cold wind as it blows through these streets

I hear it whispering at me


That further on up the road

Out where the dark river flows

There on the far banks I'll lay myself to rest

And finally forget my sins and make amends


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