Hands of Faith

Erik den Tuinder

Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter

Hands of Faith

She, she runs through the streets

Her eyes were black as coal

Just two steps away from losing control

I, I tried to go

But I won't let them know

What it was she made me show


I don't want to be your saint

Holding me down in chains

But I don't want to be denied

Staring from the darkness to

the ones who walk towards the light


Cars, they're rushing by

As I look up and cry

I ask myself is it all a lie

Days, days gone by

As I lay here to waste

With a hole in my head

And a scarred up face


I wake up late at night

Soaking in my sweat

Wishing I wasn’t there

And nothing but shreds

Carving through my head

I want you to know

That I've foreseen this pain

And that makes me to blame

It won't let go

Is what you like to know



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