Erik den Tuinder

Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter


It’s not dark yet,

But it’s getting there

Our minds are caught

With first hope and then despair

Once we promised

And we took our vows

Thos words sound hollow

On these empty streets now



Stays left when time gets lost

When dreams shattered to dust

Along tracks that we have crossed


I spent my nights

Staring at my gin

You spent yours

Trying to come op with an answer

How do we keep these walls

From caving in

How do we keep away

From defeat and anger



We’ll break down and desecrate

What we’ve build up and what we’ve made

If we can’t make this equate


It’s corroded and decayed

Can’t stand the light of day

It will crumble and drift away


We try but we can’t avert

As long as our hearts are caked with dirt



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